Our Vision

Riverview Hall LLC exists to provide affordable, dorm style housing for students who live in northern Wisconsin.

Our Story

The story for Riverview Hall started in 2002 when I needed affordable housing while going to college, and there was none available. Instead of renting I bought a house and rented space to other college students to help cover the cost of my education. The house became a hangout spot. The friendships I gained through this experience are still in place.

After many more years of education, and living experiences, I still remembered the small town feel of the house I rented out. Riverview Hall was created to replicate the experience I had at the beginning of my college career.

After moving back to my hometown, I saw an opportunity to recycle an unused building to help students to gain an affordable college experience similar to what I experienced.

Meet the Team

Our vision is to help students get through college, in the most affordable way, all while creating lifelong relationships and memories in an inclusive, fun environment.

Next Steps...

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